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Why Caterware Commercial Gas Cooking Products are a Smart Investment


Caterware commercial gas cooking products

While there are many different commercial gas cooking products on the market, Caterware’s focus on research and development to meet the growing demands of the hospitality and catering industry ensure their range of products are far superior.

Gas cooking products designed and manufactured for commercial kitchens

The point of difference with Caterware commercial gas cooking products, such as the Gas 4 Burner Cooktop/Hotplate with Oven is these have been specifically designed and manufactured for commercial kitchens. With features such as solid steel framing and a stainless steel outer casing, it’s strong, durable, as well as heat and impact resistant. Other features include powerful 30Mj/hour burners (Natural Gas) which allow a consistent high heat output and a flame failure device for safety.

In conjunction with it’s heavy duty construction, performance and safety features, the Caterware Gas 4 Burner Cooktop/Hotplate with Oven is simple and easy to use. The Caterware Gas range includes great features such as large control knobs and easy view control settings through to their adjustable stand heights, the superior commercial gas cooking equipment is functional and ideal for learners through to those with more advanced cooking abilities.

Caterware’s commercial gas cooking range are also easy-to-clean and service, which is crucial in any commercial kitchen or catering environment.

Full range of features of the Caterware Gas 4 Burner Cooktop/Hotplate with Oven can be found at: //

Benefits of buying Caterware commercial gas cooking products

When you invest in commercial gas cooking products from Caterware you are buying direct from the manufacturer at wholesale prices, which means you save as there is no middle man. All of Caterware’s products are also certified to AUS/NZ standards, so safety, reliability and performance are guaranteed.

For further information on this industry leading range of commercial gas cooking products contact the Gold Coast catering equipment sales team at Caterware Australia by phone on (07) 5597 5599 or alternatively by mobile on 0452 001 221. Affordable finance is also available for all of Caterware’s  product lines.